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(1) [CORRESPONDENCE-BASED STUDENTS ONLY] Your enclosed study material contains the entire coursework for the high school diploma program. Exams and answer sheets are enclosed for each of the subjects. All exams must be taken in front of a test proctor who is not a friend or family member. Please refer to the form:  “Sworn Statement of Truth by Test Proctor”.


(2) [CORRESPONDENCE-BASED STUDENTS ONLY] Do not return any course materials (study guides or tests) to the school – ONLY SUBMIT YOUR ANSWER SHEETS!!!


(3) Please do not call for your test results! After we grade your tests, your results are sent to you by mail. Online Study students will receive their results by email within 2-3 days of submission. If you fail any particular exam, an extra answer sheet allowing you the opportunity to retake the exam will be included. Online study students will be notified of which questions were answered incorrectly when the retaking of an exam is required. There is no extra charge for this. Your final result will be averaged from both scores. If a student fails the same exam more than twice, he or she will be required to take a different exam on the same subject. The school will provide the student with new course material pertinent to the failed subject and the student will be charged a fee of $25.00 per subject.


(4) [CORRESPONDENCE-BASED STUDENTS ONLY] Do not fax your answer sheets to us! Due to the reduced image of any faxed document, your answer sheet will not line up with the grading template and therefore your examinations cannot be scored. Your submitted answer sheets are graded within 24-48 hours and returned to you with your results and any applicable certificates of completion or achievement. (See # 5)


(5) Certificates of Completion and Certificates of Outstanding Achievement are awarded to students upon completion of subjects and for outstanding academic achievement when attaining perfect scores.


(6) Once you have passed all exams, you will be sent a Congratulations” letter letting you know that you have met all academic requirements to graduate. This letter will also state any remaining tuition balance. Once your tuition is fully paid, we can then process you for graduation and issue your diploma via the U.S. Postal Service’s “Priority Mail”.


(7) Students on the monthly payment plan “B” are required to submit their minimum monthly payment of $50 by the 5th day of each month. Payment coupons are provided for your convenience. It is very important to write your student number on your check or money order so that your account can be properly credited. Payments can also be made over the phone or online by using either a bank debit or a credit card. Students may pay-off their entire balances at any time.


(8) Students are provided a full year (12 months) in which to complete their course of study. The average completion time for the standard High School Diploma Program is usually less than six months. Students taking extra credit courses, including college-level courses will be permitted additional time to be determined on an individual basis. Students who do not complete their “standard” or “fast track” program and/or payments within the allotted 12-month period may be subject to a penalty.


(9) Free Tutorial Services:  Students experiencing difficulties with any of the exams are encouraged to call the school and request “tutorial assistance”. Our staff stands ready to personally assist students with academic challenges AT NO EXTRA COST TO THE STUDENT!


(10) [CORRESPONDENCE-BASED STUDENTS ONLY] IT IS ALWAYS BETTERT TO PAY BY MONEY ORDER INSTEAD OF PERSONAL CHECK! The reasons for this are (a) If you initially enroll using a personal check, we have to wait until your check clears before we can send out your coursework to you (b) if you make your final tuition payment using a check and you have successfully completed your coursework, you will have to wait for your check to clear before we can mail your diploma to you, and (c) ANY CHECK THAT IS RETURNED UNPAID DUE TO INSUFFICIENT FUNDS WILL BE CHARGED $15 AND PERSONAL CHECKS FROM THE STUDENT WILL NO LONGER BE ACCEPTED!


(11) If you plan to continue your education at the post-secondary level, you will be required to submit an official transcript to the college to which you are applying. Please contact us to request the “Transcript Request Form”. When you receive it, fill it out and mail it or fax it back to us and your official transcript will be mailed directly to the college or any third party that you listed on the Transcript Request Form.  The U.S military, and in some cases, employers, will demand an official transcript. There is no charge for us to issue your first transcript, however, $15 will be charged thereafter for each additional official transcript issuance.


(12) Successful completion of our standard program will earn the student 24 credits. This number corroborates with our program’s accreditation, which is for grades 9-12. Any student wishing to continue his/her education beyond high school at an academic post-secondary educational institution, must contact us to request a "Transcript Request Form". This form must be completed by the student and returned to us. This is very important as every post-secondary educational institution will require a student to submit an official academic transcript. A transcript is a complete academic record that reflects the student’s every exam score, grade, qualifying points earned, Grade Point Average, graduation date, etc.


(13) Nationwide Academy is pleased to offer extra credit courses including some college-level courses that may provide a student with adequate requisite courses specific to his/her academic pursuits in college. The “per credit” charge for extra credit courses is $22.00. At this time, all extra credit courses, the “Fast Track” program and the high school program in Spanish are available only through correspondence-based studies. However, in due time, we plan on making all of Nationwide Academy High School’s course offerings also available online.


(14) Disclaimer:  Nationwide Academy High School maintains national accreditation because its students are not limited in residing within a particular state or region of the United States. However, the transferability of credits earned by its students is solely at the discretion of the receiving institution to which graduates may be applying, irrespective of Nationwide Academy’s accreditation through Transworld Accrediting Commission International.

 (15) Cancellation and refund

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