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Q: Is this an accredited school?

A: Yes. Nationwide Academy is nationally accredited by TRANSWORLD ACCREDITING COMMISSION INTERNATIONAL.

Q: Do I have to pass an entrance exam in order to get started?

A: NO! All you need is to submit your enrollment application with the required fee, and we will send you the coursework package to your home address, or be provided immediate access to the coursework online should you prefer to study online.

Q: Are there any age restrictions or limits?

A: You need to be at least 16 years of age. Otherwise there is no age limit

Q: Will I need to purchase any textbooks or other materials?

A: NO! We will provide everything that you need

Q: Will I receive any credit for the portion of high school that I did complete?

A: YES! You will receive credit towards your high school diploma based on subjects you have completed.

Q: What is the “Life / Work Experience form” and how will it help me to meet graduation requirements?

A: The “Life/Work Experience Form” that  you will complete requires you to document your past educational credits (if you cannot provide a transcript), as well as any relevant work history and life skills learned. Depending on the amount of work experience and life skill sets you may have aquired, credits for Vocation and/or Life Management Skills may be granted, and counted towards your high school completion requirements.

Q: What if I have difficulty with some subjects?

A: You may call the school and request tutorial assistance, and an instructor will be more than happy to help

Q: Does the tutoring assistance provided by the school cost me anything?

A. No. All tutorial assistance is included at no additional charge

Q: What if I don’t pass a particular subject in the program?

A: You will be requiredto repeat the same subject AT NO EXTRA CHARGE, and your final score/grade will be averaged between the two scores..

Q: What if I move or travel after I’ve already started with my studies with Nationwide?

A: If you move, simply call or write to us to let us know your new address and we will update it and continue to send materials to the new nddress.

Q: What will I receive upon successful completion of this program?

A: You will receive a full-sized High School Diploma in a handsome cover that you can proudly display, as well as a wallet-sized diploma that you can carry around with you.

Q: How soon can I get started and what do I do to get started?

A: Go to the “ENROLL NOW” secured page on this website and complete the application form. You may use any major credit card for your payment and can receive our biggest discount by paying in full. If you prefer, you can go to the “CONTACT US” page and request that we mail you the application form. Once you receive it, just complete it and mail it back to us with your fee. Your entire coursework will be sent to you so you can get started at your own pace and finish on your own schedule.

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