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Nationwide Academy High School is listed as a private, non-public high school with the State of Florida’s Department of Education – Division of Non-Public Schools 325 W Gaines St, Suite 522, Tallahassee FL 32399.

Tel: (850) 245-0502. www.floridaschoolchoice.org 
e-Mail: nonpublicschools@fldoe.org    

(Nationwide Academy’s School Code is 4876. From the Florida Dept. of Education website, at "Directory Selection" click "All Schools", then at "District" click the drop-down arrow and select "BROWARD" to find Nationwide Academy among the listed school s for this district.)

Pursuant to the State of Florida’s statute governing private, non-public high schools (F.S. 229.808); the state’s department of education does not act as an approval or accrediting agency and is allowed only to list private schools and to collect certain prescribed data on an annual basis as a matter of public record. Nationwide Academy participates in the Department of Education’s annual survey in order to comply with its regulations and to provide its required statistical data.

Additionally, due to the prevailing needs of individuals seeking to complete their secondary education, and continue to post-secondary education, Nationwide Academy has designed an independent-study based curriculum that would meet expected standards to fulfill the necessary requirements for its students to graduate. Nationwide Academy is nationally accredited by TRANSWORLD ACCREDITING COMMISSION INTERNATIONAL – 9085 California Avenue, Riverside CA 92503

Tel: (951) 901-5586 - www.transworldaccrediting.com

This school’s independent-study curriculum enables students from all over the country to complete their studies according to their own time schedule, enabling them to improve their lives by securing a job they otherwise could not, gaining a promotion they other wise could not, or continuing their education at post-secondary level in preparation for a vocation or career.

Nationwide Academy High School is also listed with the U.S. Department of Education's website for the National Center for Education Statistics: www.nces.ed.gov

At this website, all colleges, public schools and private schools in the United States are listed and you can review statistical data for any selected school; such as demographic information, etc.

At the bottom of the page, under the second of four columns, click the "School Search" tab and from the drop-down dialog box that appears, first select the state: Florida. Then in the field for the school name, enter Nationwide Academy. And finally, over to the right of this box, check the box for Private Schools, and then click the "Search" button. You will then find our listing. Nationwide Academy's ID# issued by the NCES (National Center for Education Statisitics) is A0901068.

If you click on our name, which appears on the listing in blue, it will open a new window to the left of your screen that will display our above referenced statistical information.

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