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Please note that Nationwide Academy High School is fully compliant with laws in the State of Florida governing the consumers’ “Right to Rescind” on a sales contract/agreement, which provides for a five (5) business day period of time from the date of a signed contract/agreement by a consumer to request and receive a full refund of monies paid for products/services.  However, BEYOND EVERY REQUIREMENT FOR COMPLIANCE WITH THE LAW, Nationwide Academy High School further extends the courtesy of partial refunds based on the length of time elapsed between the date of enrollment and the date of requested cancellation/refund past the 5-business day law, according to the following schedule:


# of Days between Enrollment Received and Cancellation Date: 6-30 days …………… 75% refund 

#of Days between Enrollment Received and Cancellation Date: 31-60 days ………….. 50% refund 

#of Days between Enrollment Received and Cancellation Date: 61-90 days ………….. 35% refund 

#of Days between Enrollment Received and Cancellation Date: 91+ days …………….   0% refund 


Per school policy, and so that we can furnish any independent authorities/agencies with supporting documentation, please explain the reason for your cancellation.  If you are a "CORRESPONDENCE-BASED" student, call us to request the cancellation form. If you are an "ONLINE" student, send us an email detailing your request and reasons for cancellation. In all cases, please be sure to also provide us with your current mailing address.


CORRESPONDENCE-BASED students are required to return all textbooks and materials received from the school.


Upon receipt of your response and/or school textbooks if they were issued to you, we will process your cancellation and mail your refund within 2 weeks.

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